Yellowed Xbox 360 Controller Restoration – Gaming Console Repair

Restoring & repairing Xbox 360 controller that won’t turn on and that is yellowed. I bought this controller as junk from Ebay.

I started the restoration with disassembly. The shell is closed with safety torx screws, which means normal torx bit won’t fir them. To remove the trigger buttons I need to bend the plastic so I can’t recommend that unless it is necessary, even though the plastic is very well bending. I also removed the sticker with isopropyl alcohol so I can reapply it once I’m finished.

After disassembly I cleaned the parts and put the yellowed plastic in the retrobrighting box I made on my other channel. Link to the video: I used hydrogen peroxide UV-light and heat to remove the yellowing from the plastic.

To open the battery pack I used some plastic tools, lots of force and patience. The pack is not meant to be opened but it can be done carefully without breaking anything. Once pack was opened I cleaned the battery contacts with isopropyl alcohol. Lastly the two halves were glued back together.

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Screw driver set with safety torx:
Plastic tool kit:
Hydrogen peroxide:
UV LED strip:
99.9% isopropyl alcohol (IPA):

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  1. my mamaw has a 360 and it hasnt red ringed, some 360 systems can last very very long. i seen a guy open a original xbox and play it. it is now 2022 and im very happy.

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