Xbox One MILK Damage?! | Quick Fix

Xbox One MILK Damage?! | Quick Fix

I purchased a faulty Xbox One on Ebay for £30. The listing stated that the Xbox didn’t turn on, and this was potentially because of milk, yup, milk.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take the long route around this fix, and even then it was very quick anyway. We continue to learn 😊 Thanks for watching! x

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  1. 🤣 I love your own criticism! You are funny!
    Great work.
    I can definitely say that, besides confusing LEDs and push buttons 🤪, you have improved a lot and earned a lot of knowledge!

  2. Good job, my man! Also, always be cautious with redone thermal paste – they may have inadvertently used conductive paste which ain't good if they've smeared it on like toothpaste.

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