Willie Jones – Soul Food (Live) | Vevo DSCVR Artists to Watch 2022

Willie Jones – Soul Food. An exclusive live performance for Vevo DSCVR ARTISTS TO WATCH 2022, an annual series highlighting those that are shaping the future of music.

If country music and hip-hop share one key element, it’s authenticity. The genres have historically been like two cooks in a Food Network competition, swearing that their scrumptious dish better incorporates the secret ingredient. Enter Willie Jones, a charismatic newcomer putting fusion on the menu. The Shreveport, Louisiana native isn’t the first to blend the two styles, of course. Country-rap has had its progenitors. Nelly and Tim McGraw’s 2009 “Over and Over” did a great job of priming a generation for crossovers. A decade later, “Old Town Road” proved that the blend could shatter chart records AND deliver a superstar in Lil Nas X. Jones is taking it further, however. He’s the only artist who has had a video simultaneously premiere on both CMT and BET. “American Dream” is told from the poignant perspective of a Black man grappling with patriotism in the wake of the George Floyd protests. So back to that authenticity factor. Jones’ debut album ‘Right Now,’ is the result of a fascination with country and hip-hop that he has had since his early teens. His deep knowledge of both genres comes through to make the music’s subtle balance just right, Goldilocks style. “Get Low, Get High” recently premiered on the singer’s Apple Music show, ‘The Crossroads Radio.’ “It’s gonna raise your vibrations and put you in a good mood,” he proclaimed. Along with the new “Soul Food,” he played “Get Low, Get High” live for DSCVR Artists to Watch 2022, and the uplifting effect was immediate. Inspirational stuff, Mr. Jones.

Willie Jones




Executive Producer: JP Evangelista
Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Director: Kyle Goldberg
Producer: Maddy Schmidt
Director of Photography: Skyler Brown
Editor: Kevin Rose
Music & Talent: Cynthia Todd + Gabby Prisciandaro

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Listen On:
Apple Music: https://WJ.lnk.to/2PieceCombo/applemusic
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YouTube Music: https://WJ.lnk.to/2PieceCombo/youtube…
Pandora: https://WJ.lnk.to/2PieceCombo/pandora

Listen to Willie on your smart speaker. Just say “Play the new Willie Jones.”

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  1. Willie, I love everything you sing, your humility, and that pretty smile of yours.❤️ More people should experience your deep rich husky vocals, country-soul swag, and your band’s tight musicianship!! So, I think it’s time to broaden your audience! I think you and your team need to get your music in rotation on Urban and Pop Radio Stations! And, you need to do a Tiny Desk Concert on NPR! I think these venues will bite! Lmk, how these ideas sound to you!


    Love Ya’,

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