Why This Knife is the BEST EVER 🔪 #shorts

This is the only knife you need!
You always ask me what knife I’m using in my videos
I use a serrated knife to make a small cut across the large ice blocks.
A large butcher knife to split it into smaller ice cubes,
But my favorite is a super-sharp 11-inch slicing knife from MARICO
I use it to cut ice diamonds, cubes, make all kinds of garnishes, citrus zest
And also slice large fruits such as Pineapple or watermelon.
Last is a small peeling knife made from high carbon German stainless steel.

The Best Tools to Make Your Own Creative Cocktail Icehttps://youtu.be/PpBzl5KlafM

Ice Diamonds in Cocktails

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  2. It pains me when I see people stick a knife into a cutting board 😢. Stop doing this even if for views or clout it's bad for the tip of the knife and will not only dull but very potentially bend or snap it

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