1. Dude your a substantial human being ugh, I ENVY YOU!!! I’m jealous of the dopamine spike that you must get when you walk to a crowd, when somebody gives you their testimonials, or a situation like this in this video, just making people happy IS MY FUCKIN* DRUG I’m not talking out of my arse when I say this, I feel as if I would be just like I am now man, just humble and really wanting to put people on a road to where their true passions become there main income rather than a “weekend hobby” it’s truly amazing, we all atleast have that one thing we obsess over and we do it do it do it until we can’t anymore, you start doing it so much that you become worse, lol so imagine this thing you LOVE to do now becomes your livelihood ugh, skys the limit and this is where i think these augmented realities makes that possible it’s a beautiful thing that now a Teacher could just buy a nft of a building in MV and now essentially be an entrepreneur and rent out other rooms in this building to her teacher friends, now instead of having ( when I went to school ) 30 kids in a classroom now you can have 500, 5000, 55555 ✋🏻 but I always said this and I know it doesn’t make sense to me either but I would say “I want to be a guidance counselor” but at the same time

  2. I love some people start off saying I don’t like Gary that much but he is nice first off you don’t like him but you don’t know him personally you only see what the internet showed you of him so stop being ignorant n think before you act🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. I started surrounding myself around winners this past 3 years. And something Ive noticed is the good and really successful ones always remembered the people they interact with. It was dumbfounding at first but it actually comes easily (with minor reminders sometimes)

  4. Pray I meet that man during my adventures. I just started a very healthy business, first one. Would love to pick his brain from an entrepreneurial perspective. Especially since I have 5,000 baseball cards from the 80’s and 90’s I decided to start looking into. Much love Gary! Keep chasing those Jets

  5. 35+ year mechanic I remember all my customers by the car brought in. I won't remember your name but I'll remember mostly if not all info on the vehicle and worked performed.

  6. The Tumblr shirt is killing me. Tumblr is the worst business decision anyone has ever made ever. (It's my primary social media. I say this with affection. But it's an absolute dumpster fire of a website)

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