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  1. He is confused. The bitter truth refers to something that is infact a lie or incorrect however majority of people perceive it as true or truth.

  2. When everyone clapped for him and he haven't even made a point yet. That lets me know that this guy is b***** and everyone else following him. All he did was ask is it bitter than everyone started to lose their mind like what the f*** dude people are so lost they'll follow anything nowadays

  3. He's confusing people with Truth, Fact and objective realities of Nature.
    The article he's holding, say if it goes up instead of down, and say, someone is to put that event into words like this- "the article fell/rose to the sky without anyone throwing it up or without any external force", an audience to that statement, a listener would say that, that's a magical event and the speaker is making a fantastical statement, a fictional remark (not a lie).
    It's another matter that Nature doesn't care if humans identify and recognise realities as Facts or Fiction, Truth or Lie or Truth Claims. In other words, it is a Law of Nature. It does not matter to nature and natural phenomena if one of its species calls or labels its events/reality with a certain label/category.
    Nature also doesn't care if you follow the (so-called-arbitrary)Laws of nature or break/violate the laws. (The apple sure does fall to the ground from the tree unless interfered with by something external).
    One just could make up statements about natural facts, objective realities of nature and simply label them Truth or Lie to suit ones thinking, but that would be meaningless.
    Truth,(Contigent Truth) in its common parlance is a social thing/event. It needs a person capable of speaking it and a listener capable of listening to it and acknowledging it.
    Universal Truth is self-evident in nature, needs no speaker nor listener. It's Transcendental truth.
    If one has noticed, this is one of the reasons why scientific method and its literature does not use words like Truth/Lie in them, they only contain observations and a body of facts that can be tested, verified and maybe falsified even.

  4. One thing common thing in swami ji and sadhguru they suggest believing something is not the thing in India but seeking is. Means, inner journey is more important than you believe in Jesus, Krishna or shiva.

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