Villagers React To People Are Awesome ! Tribal People React To PEOPLE ARE AWESOME

Villagers React To People Are Awesome ! Tribal People React To People Are Amazing
Tribal People / Villagers try different International Food & Gadgets for the first time today Tribal People React to PEOPLE ARE AWESOME for first time. They give pure reaction to the food & things they have never tried. Subscribe to our channel for latest videos.
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  1. Lol Babu telling Sarru: you are young man can you do any of these things?
    Sarru: hes flying through the air to4u tell me how i can do these things 😂 i feel you Sarru

  2. I would suggest the guy climbing the peg wall is actually at an advantage bc his son is putting the pegs into the wall for him…one of the hardest parts of a peg wall is getting the pegs in the hole as you are climbing up…he is a father and a 30pound boy on your back for most of the day while not working out makes this a cake walk bc his lil kid is putting them in for him

  3. I cannot do these things, either, but I am now 70. I had my youth and great energy, but most of these amazing feats never occurred to me. Watching them makes me happy to be human. And bless you, Babu, for your song. 🙏

  4. Loved that he showed his feat of drumming and singing. This is no easy thing! Everyone has some small talent that they can practice to become a master. And I love the drumming feat best because it does not make me afraid for his life when he does this feat!!!

  5. ?? Ask babu if we all donate money to buy him a mouth full of dental implants, would babu like some new teeth??? Please respond with contact info if there is a possibility?? I'm a willing donor….jp

  6. The greatest hype men to ever exist. Imagine doing something cool and having these three clap and cheer you on? I love that when impressed, Babu was wishing the people on tv a long life. ♥️ Sincerely such pure souls.
    So glad I found this channel!

  7. I love when they watch vids like this! I know that these gentlemen like music… There is a Japanese group called "World Order" and I would love to see their reaction to the song "Mind Shift". They also did one in India called "Quiet Happiness"… The first one mentioned however has the best choreography IMO… I think they might enjoy it! (^_^)

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