Two 2 Awesome Oscillator Trading Strategies ✌

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The Awesome Oscillator. This is a simple oscillator based on two moving averages; the first one is a 34 period and the second one is a 5 period moving average. As such this is a simple moving average crossover system with a unique flavour. The oscillator oscillates above and below a zero line and you’re selling or buying as you cross above or below the zero line. As you cross below the zero line you’d be going short and as you cross above the zero line you’d be going long. The point is it is just a signal or filter to indicate whether the trend has potentially turned bullish or bearish. The next strategy is also interesting. As the awesome oscillator is below zero, you sell into peaks for another downturn/pullback (same for the uptrend).

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  2. I just started playing around with Ninja Trader, and I noticed the Awesome Oscillator in it also changes the colors of some of the candles to blue. I'll probably discover the reason for this somewhere soon, but it is puzzling for now.

  3. I am working on this Indicator in 1hr TF and along with a Baseline. I went deep into it and I got three good ways to get an entry signal. my tp and sl are at 1 atr, I am still working on how to ride trends with this indicator. also, great one to give a nice signal for divergences and convergences.
    thank you Sir…

  4. Interesting .. I typically use MACD, and (attempt) to time entry/exit when the MACD turns horizontal/flattens on the 15 minute chart… which can be hard to judge. When I compare the MACD with the Awesome Oscillator the changes from green to red and visa-versa align nicely with the flattening of the MACD just before turning up (close short/go long) or down (close long/go short). I will definitely have both on my screen next week… many thanks

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