1. If I hear "NT one, one, zero, zero" again, I'll scream. Informative review, well scripted but spoilt by the monotone delivery. The bike, however, will be a winner, without a doubt.

  2. I’m so disappointed in this bike. Not only was I hoping it would look more like the cb1000x or cb1100x concepts. But I was hoping we would get the In-line 4 out of the cb1000r. I wanted a SPORT-tourer. Instead we got a “decent” twin that puts down less power than it should, in a bike that looks like a slightly less fat goldwing. Huge swing and a miss for me 👎

  3. The missing “features” is an attraction to me, as is final chain drive. I also like it’s basic bland “hubris free” design. That does beg a question: Why are bikes sold with the features missing from the NT not a lot more expensive?

  4. Why are so many manufacturers selling a “comfort” seat an option, this just shouts out that they are deliberately selling long distance bikes with the uncomfortable seat as standard. Just make the standard seat comfortable.

    Why is the lower support for the panniers so high as it seemingly allows even (I assume) relatively empty panniers to bounce. Hate to think what they will do once loaded. Wonder how many stress faults will be caused.

    And that windscreen, less said the better.

    Not had a bike for a few years due to injury and was hoping I might try this as I would like to do some touring and need the DCT but I think I might just do the NC and wait for version two or three with the kinks worked out.

  5. So close to be really good. It's missing shaft drive and heated seat. Why is the screen not electric?
    Now just hoping the dimensions wil fit my 190cm with disproportionate long legs.

  6. The competition for this is the Ninja 1000sx and the suzuki gsx s1000gt. Both has almost 50% more power, weighs the same or less and priced equal and sounds nicer than this and butter smooth inline 4s and better electronics.

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