Top 25 Singleplayer AAA PC Games (2015 to 2020)

We rank the best triple-A single-player games released on the pc since 2015. These are the biggest, critically-acclaimed titles if you’re looking for a narrative, story-driven gaming experience.
Complete all-time ranking of the top PC singleplayer games

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– Dark Souls III
– Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
– Red Dead Redemption 2
– Resident Evil 2
– Rise of the Tomb Raider
– SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice
– STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order
– The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
– Titanfall 2

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  1. Out of all 25 there was JUST ONE (i double-checked) game that wasn't remaster, sequel, reboot or part of the franchise. And that game wasn't even original at all being just copy-paste of another popular series. Either it's about majority of consumers who actually do like to eat any excrements force-fed to them or it's big publishers just buying any tops, reviews and charts… or both simultaneously creating the magical harmony of mediocrity. Oh, well… whatever… back to playing some creative indie games.

  2. I'm playing from
    2009 2019 games I get all hits cheap for sp
    with i9 10900k and 3090RTX and 32GB Ram DDR4 PC3000 SAMSUNG EVO PLUS 2X 1TB NVME M.2 970 1000WATT

    I not know dirt rally was a AAA game or doom are you sure
    Anyway so far the best

    Batman AA

    Max Payne 3 different ending

    Spec op the line

    La Norie

    Sleeping dog DE

    Mafia 2

    Cod Ghost

    Doom 4 2016

    Metro 1 & 2
    Black ops 2

  3. There is not link to this list in the description, links to your current complete ranking and do not see a way on the website to view the list with the time range of 2015 – 2020 like the list in this video

  4. i had 1000 times more fun Playing MSG5 then DMC5 (infact dmc5 and mgs5 shouldn't be listed anywhere close it's a disrespect for MGSv) and i mean fighting in DMC5 seems like they went a step backwards then DMC (yes i know everyone hates dmc) but to be honest dmc fighting rhythm moves, or flow was better than dmc5

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