Top 15 Xbox Series & Xbox One Single Player Story-Driven Games | 2021

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For this week I focus on the Top 15 BEST Xbox Series and Xbox One Single Player games with good stories. These are some of the most fun Single Player games to play as of 2021. Enjoy!


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  1. Great list. I will say though, ffx is a must in terms of story when compared to all the other ff's. If you take a step back to see what the developers were actually saying, it puts a lot of things in our real world into perspective. Its one of the few stories in any game that really got me to say "well done" to the developers. They take a very, very touchy subject to most, and create an incredible metaphor of a masterpiece. It also kind of revolutionised the way games incorperated cinematics and voice acting into their stories (metal gear solid being the other franchise to pioneer with it). The other ff's have arguably better gameplay, but from a story perspective i feel 10 takes the cake for the franchise.

  2. I would give anything to have all of the classic 1990's point-and-click pc adventure games ported over to the Nintendo switch..That console would be the perfect platform for those old classic games.. So many great games back then..

  3. I'm playing Witcher 3 now, for the 1st time..on PC. This, is my 3rd decade of gaming, and I have to agree. One of the best games I have played. Period. It lacks nowhere. Top notch visuals, game play, story line, character likeability. Oh, and nudity, full nudity, not exploitive at all. And very much cinematically weaved into the story.

  4. One game that I would like to add as a must play, single player is Titanfall 2. The game is phenomenal and you really grow attached to the characters. There is a multiplayer option as well.

  5. I would like to get RDR 2, but the store says "xbox gold required to play on xbox". Not "xbox gold required to play online" like all the other single/multiplayer games. So I am kind of confused about that. I don't know if this is a rockstar thing or xbox thing. I will not spend money until it is more clear.

  6. Just lost even more faith in RE8. I can't stand Japanese games. No offense to those of you that like them; I LIKE that you like them. I believe in letting people enjoy the things they like. But I game almost exclusively to be immersed in a good story and every single Japanese game ever has the emotional and thematic depth of a daytime soap opera.. The writing is so bad and on the nose, and the characters are cut and paste archetypes that don't ever feel like real people. So when you say the story for RE8 gets wild, it makes me sad. Because I actually liked RE7 (written by a westerner, so the goofy stuff all Japanese games do was largely absent). Now I'm getting the sense that, as far as storytelling goes, RE8 is more like its Japanese predecesors.

  7. It’s a pretty sad list honestly. Gears 5 was highly overrated with the focus on the most annoying character in the franchise. Control was good but got very repetitive towards the end. Tomb raider started good but also got very repetitive in the final game. Halo 5 sucked ass. The best single player game I played past generation was Kingdom Come Deliverance. Also Sekiro and Dark Souls 3.

  8. TBH Jedi fallen order was amazing and drew me in at the beginning, then the jank fest that is combat and minute or more after every death loading screen led me to uninstall before clearing the third world.

  9. You didn't even mention any dragon age game…which says alot about this channel i think dragon age origins is by far better than witcher and inquisition is equal to or slightly better than witcher 3…i literally had to force my self to finish witcher…i dont see what is so outstanding about it it a run of the mill rpg with a character your stuck with atleast with dragon age you make your own player same in skyrim…what happened with witcher is a person with influence said it was great and simps 💋 a$$ want to be noticed liking the same thing…its the same with movie critics…they only like artsey fartsey..movies they think makes them look sophisticated…it stupid and dumb….anyway witcher will never be inthe same category and everyone should see this…#1 my a$$…im not giving you a thumbs down…i should but im not

  10. I'm new to Xbox. I have already played/tried/own all of this games on other platforms (except for Hellblade)… So I'd like to have a list on exclusive games or franchises to try out. I've just finished Psyconauts and I am eager to begin with its sequel… But, what should I try next? 🤔 (besides Halo and Gears)

  11. Man… the story of one of the Halo games actually made me cry when I was younger. I think it was Halo 2. I forget. Between the music and the plot thread about the aliens basically being stuck as war slaves amidst a fight between humans and some other, superior aliens. That's our own human history, and it really made me sad how incredibly portrayed it was. Especially because it never seems to end. Real shame the series never struck those nuanced chords again.

  12. I'd really like to see Studio Ghibli collaborate again with a talented game studio to produce a story and character driven action RPG. Kind of like a cross between Ni No Kuni and The Witcher 3.

  13. This s what xbox lacks.. Single plager story driven games.. I m a huge fan of these games. I want games like last of us, ghost of Tsushima n god of war on Gamepass

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