Thunderbolts and Lightning (#Shorts) Real Pilot Plays DCS World and ARMA3


A-10 Review:

Full Throttle Playlist:

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  1. The F 35 is for beyond visual range. Oh also we’re using it to replace the A-10 which often comes home damaged from small arms fire. Someone needs to be hanged.

  2. The F35 is such an useless platform! Ok it has stealth and can do Vstol and stuff but it doesn't perform they way it costs per flight hour.
    It isn't good at anything. It is not fast, it has no super maneuverabilitys like the F22, it is also not a very good ground support because it cannot take as much weapons as the A10
    So I think it was an better idea if the just updated the A10.

  3. you cant stealth an a10…… unless you invent some new tech. currently a10 is the least stealth air frame in the world possibly worse than a Learjet


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