1. We need a quick more effective mandatory minimum prison sentences for cops and security and all public employees and politicians and military who unlawfully kidnap innocent people abuse their office powers .No trials needed. charges should automatically get dropped and arrest warrant should be issued for all officers and politicians involved.and pay heavy money compensation that might teach them in the future to police right and have honest politicians….

  2. Police departments extort enough money from citizens to purchase Axion body cameras which cost a small fortune. These body cameras "malfunction" so regularly.. my $50 walmart phone camera has never let me down.

  3. Every piggy’s hide there Conversation D A allows them every keep pressuring these pigs video there stops you see one doesn’t matter if there in the store they need to be working

  4. Once someone is trained in Nazi ideology it is almost impossible to unlock. It took a 6 year long war in the 1940's to even begin to get a small grasp on freedom. Now these idiot cops are just trying to repeat it and in most cases the courts are condoning it by inaction.

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