they went hard at the gym | #shorts

When it comes to hitting PR’s, theses kids know how to take it to the max #shorts
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  1. You can only give weights to a teenager if there's a great coach that also keeps them in line like slaves. I used to be so reckless just 5 years ago, and with a group of friends also filled with testosterone it's a recipe for disaster

  2. Why just why? Every single one of them look like they never been in the gym. One max reps of anything will never get you any visible results. This is the dumb crap you do when you want life long injuries.

  3. Bad form, impressive lifts, and lest we not forget that SARMs are on the rise with kids who wanna max out and get stronger for sports

  4. Sadly, 99% of children in these types of videos lifting weights with bad form will most likely end up nowhere once they hit the age where they have to pay for their house bills. Reality will slap these kids hard. Whoever comes out on top are the naturally strong ones.

  5. terrible form and pushing too hard because pride and bullshit, im 25 and already learned the hard way to listen to my body in and out the gum and idiots like this get hurt, then plateau and are stuck forever 60% of the time, and this is someone who speaks from experience luckly physical job and adhd keep me moving and a good solid 220lbs 6'1 just wish i hadnt started earning money at 12 cause these miles hirt already lol.

  6. I can't believe how many comments are negative. Most of you are jealous these high school kids can out lift you. Yes, some of them have bad form but jesus you guys are going nuts about it.
    This is mostly just impressive. I wish I put up these numbers when i was their age. Good for them.

  7. There's absolutely no reason for someone that young to be lifting that much weight. Their bones and joints aren't ready for it even if they have perfect form which non of them did. Most where awful. Most of these kids you see will have a bad back by their 30s

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