These changes are AWESOME! – Aura & DoT Damage Manifesto

Zizaran airs out his thoughts after reading the last Balance Manifesto posted by GGG regarding the future of Path of Exile going into 3.16 Scourge League.
This manifesto goes over the upcoming changes to Auras, Curses and DoT damage in Path of Exile Scourge.

Let us know what stood to you out of these changes!

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  1. being able to self start no trade low end craft at the beguining of a league by running a few auras for defence is great. i dont care if the aura is 2ft. x 2ft. If they changed the cost at all ill be happy. Going through the acts all over again is painful enough brothers put it to bed and get ahead! 🙂

  2. Those changes are dogshit. Instead of fixin aurabot by adding less effect of auras on party members per aura they cast to completly fix ovetbuffing effect from aurabots they copletly ruined selfaura stacking arctype which already was most exprnsive and hard to obtain build. But party players now just start to use 2-3aurabots with different auras and wont notice this change. Reddit 10iq monkeys won again, sadge

  3. No, it will suck not to find a superior shaper shield…
    Warforging and Titanforging in WoW was really bad, also Ancients i D3 was horrible choice. Really hope they remove that 🙁

  4. While I admit that, to me, EE and EO were kinda clunky my cold DoT build really needed the extra damage. So far I'm concerned that there won't be enough buffs on the tree/gear to replace what was mediocre damage anyway. I imagine at reasonably high [to me] investment maybe you'll be OK but getting all the new ES & DoT mods on gear in addition to everything else [life(?), resists, +level, etc.] is likely to bust my personal budget.

  5. Party play is impossible and pointless without an Aurabot.
    GGG nerfs things, making its game less accessable and not fixing the issues that will arise.
    Last league was a disaster for the same reason and GGG seems to have not learnt their lesson.
    Why does GGG want to kill POE?

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