The World's Hero Lost It All in 1 Night 😔 | #shorts

I respond on IG (say wassup):

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  1. Greatest Paralympician of all time, nope. That would be usa swimmer Trischa Zorn-Hudson who has 41 gold, 9 silver, 5 bronze. Oscar is no where near that. Most will know maybe due to being a killer.

  2. Im a South african and yeah there's no "Los control" here. He has had a history of being irresponsible with a gun for a long time. It's wasn't a "shocking turn of events" we were all relieved he actually got charged. It got appealed because the sentence was too short, Not because he got sentenced.

  3. I don’t know what side to pick cause he’s making it seem as he’s innocent but the comments are saying “he was born a monster and should fucking die, he deserves what he got but should’ve got more!!!!!” 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Bro, I remember this whole fiasco. He like shot her through the door of their bathroom at night n shit. She was very pretty, and being 11 at the time, I never forgot her face.

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