The World Design of Super Metroid | Boss Keys

Making a Metroidvania is an enormous design challenge. How do you let a player loose in an interconnected world, without them becoming lost or frustrated?

In this series, I’ll be looking at key Metroid titles, and games inspired by the franchise, to see how this type of world is structured. In this episode, I’m looking at the SNES all-time classic, Super Metroid.

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  1. If you could kill draygoon before phantoon than they would have to completely change the idea of maridia you could not explore a water area without the gravity suit and if you could go to the water area before getting the gravity suit there can not be a water level

  2. Tell me what you want .the existence of crystal flash, mock ball, hard but doable manoeuvres, item counter and the timer, are clear signs intention of the developers.

  3. I've been playing these games in reverse order without guides or any prior experience with them (Not intentionally but oh well) and Super Metroid…oh boy. I did not like this one. Aimless wandering, pixel hunting, and a wet thud of a finale. I loved stumbling upon Meridia after being lost for an hour and the boss fight with Ridley was tense and super rewarding once he bites the dust….but otherwise I hated my time with this. And here's where I apparently invalidate all my points by saying: Fusion is far and away superior. On to the NES game!

  4. This is one of the most defining games of all that I love about games… but today is the first time I have ever heard anything about the "save the animals" sequence at the end! 😳

  5. If you don't manage to get the map before being stuck in brinstsr the first time, it's basically impossible to progress without a guide as there's no way someone would think to super missle that one block – happened to me when I first played this 😅

  6. You forgot something that makes Super Metroid, and I'm not joking, a masterpiece: Intentional skips. The developers KNEW that you could go inside that head with a wall jump and the developers EMBRACED those sequence breaks as an interesting way of replayability and even show them to the public what you can do.
    They intended the game to be beaten with only morph ball, bombs, charge beam, the suits, the charge beam, the ice beam, the grappling hook and some few missiles, super missiles and powerbombs.

  7. This my first Metroid game!! …I played and finished it only a couple weeks ago…….

    Ok actually Metroid blast for Nintendo land is my 1st from numerous years ago so

  8. 20 years later I realize that the first broken glass ocean room was a sign to use the super bomb in the other one… I just guessed after hours of running around lol

  9. I’m lost and getting frustrated playing this game. I’ll keep going.

    Edit: I finished the game thanks to your hint for ice beam. It’s amazing that the very game created an entire genre still stands so triumphantly. I’m now ready for Dread!!

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