The Greatest Tennis Defender Of All Time? 🤯 #Shorts

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  1. Indeed he has great ability to stretch and block balls back but the attacker is usually brain dead and allows himself to lose the point. Anyone that defends on the stretch can only send the ball cross court. Yet they never anticipate it and make the defense look good. It's pathetic.

  2. I respect absolutely and deeply as Roger as Rafa as well because of their careers have been authentic masterpieces too for those watching tennis, but lately it's remarkable what Novak is doing on court. His stuff in last years is from another planet, practicately it sometimes seem the only opponent he has is history and everyday face to face only with this for making himself still greater.

  3. Giokovic's weakness is that he likes to forget how to make a hard and consistent first serve, even though coach Goran Ivanisevic has drilled it, but once he was taken over by Marian Vadja, he lost all training knowledge from Ivanisevic..# dizzy …😇😇😇😇😇😲😛

    Even though if the first serve goes, everything will be easy for Giokovic, and all opponents will move aside…King Giokovic "wants to pass… and take the trophy…" 😎😌😋❤💪

  4. Of all time? He is marvellous, no doubt, but how do you measure ‘of all time?’ Some of us are old enough to remember Pedro Massip of Spain, who could mount an amazing slow, precision defence when he needed to

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