The *EASIEST* Way to Get FREE (Refined Metal/Keys)! | Team Fortress 2

TF2 – The Best Way To Get Free Items In 2019!

Hello there viewers, welcome back to another video: You guys won’t believe how simple and easy it is to get free items in TF2! This method of getting free items is pretty unique because all you need is TF2 running, and you in a server; no sketchy websites, steam groups, or third party apps!
South America:

You can always check their steam group for the most updated news 😀
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  1. The ONLY reason why i wont fo this is that the time my Pc will consume elektricity while farming this coins will cost same/more as the items i can buy from the coins.

  2. But can’t I just play the game get free weapons that I don’t need and I can like melt them for metal cause your wasting more time if you want that key and you only get what like 2 coins

  3. you would have to leave your computer on for 48 hours just to get one key worth about $1.50. I'm pretty sure the electricity bills would cost more than you make with this lol

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