Teenage Girl Plays Piano Like A Boss

17 year old music student turns out to be a seriouly good player. Enjoy!
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  1. @Isabella Selby you're very talented. Dr K. one of the things I love in your channel is that you are discovering lots of other very talented musicians out there and you bring them to your channel. Fantastic jam session both of you.

  2. Thank you for keep putting great vibration at a place where people are in a hurry, stressed, moslty not living at that moment because they are travelling and trying not to miss their flights.
    In such a situation, this heavenly vibe means so much to humankind.
    Thank you.

  3. You have your style girl that embraces and shows your personality. he kinda PUSHES his (and his specific sound attack) in the duo… Hold onto yours GIRL, focus on it, express it in many ways and forms, express yourself without shyness, YOU DO IT REALLY WELL, but you believe in it, contemplate, focus, make variety. HOLD ON TO IT. 🧡🌿🌾✔️ @ShamsanYvonne

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