1. Looks like Iron Galaxy have already addressed the lighting bug. The ultra dark shadows are no longer an issue with the final release update! 🙂
    Physics also appear to be working at 120hz now. But unlocked framerates still cause major problems

  2. 60FPS is fine I own a PC and recently perchased this game I don't see what the hype is with more FPS in a platform/ story based game higher FPS is for Battle Royale games

  3. Ik this is old but i finally got the pc version of the game and the Taa makes the game blurry. But i heard some reflections are affected yet i didnt see any difference in reflections having it turned off. Can someone shed some light on what reflections are affected with Taa off?

  4. unlocked frames still causing issues. i play at 144 and all throughout my entire playthrough i would slide. and in spyro 3, the hovertank is unmovable. i had to beat the sorceress stationary. switched to 60 since im still trying to 100% it, and my god i can move again. the haunted tomb was gonna be impossible but not anymore.

  5. Good day everyone, I have a problem with spyro triology, installed on the pc, it only works with keyboard and maus, I wanted to use a pad controller, but there are no options, can you help me?

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