Ride Tight Switchbacks like a BOSS! How To Double Nose Pivot Turn in 6 Steps! #Shorts Mime Tutorial

My Mime Mountain Bike Tutorials give you a short overview of the steps to perform mountain bike skills – in this tutorial I share a double nose pivot turn – which is a really cool mountain bike skill to conquer tight switchbacks. These #breakitdown shorts are for inspiration and fun! 🤩 #beinspirednotinfluenced

NOTE: my front brake is on the left! This is an advanced mountain bike skill and requires lots of practice in a non-consequence environment!

My #shorts in no way replace my full-length tutorials, just like my tutorials don’t replace professional coaching 😊
This skill can be performed on a Hardtail or full suspension mountain bike.

🧚‍♀️ Who am I?
My name is Roxy, I’ve been a full-time mountain bike coach since 2009 and an international instructor Trainer since 2018.
I coach all levels of riders.
I share MTB-Tutorials and Skills Tips on my Instagram Channel, too. It’s called roxybike_mallorca.
I live and coach in Mallorca, Spain where I run the MTB coaching and guiding business ROXYBIKE and the bike rental station CAMIBIKE.

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