PS5 Teardown: An up-close and personal look at the console hardware

Your first look at PS5’s internal components* that will power the next generation of amazing games.

*Do not try this at home. Risk of exposure to laser radiation, electric shock, or other injury. Disassembling your PS5 console will invalidate your manufacturer’s guarantee.

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  1. The CPU was based off a Mobile CPU that had the Performance of an underclocked Ryzen 7 3700x with a GPU that was clearly just a 6600 XT mobile version Downgraded for smaller size and Low power.

  2. @PlayStation are we really gonna act like no one seen the white scratches at @2:25 ? I'm finding a bunch of people online with the same problem and I'm really frustrated a year later I go to take it apart and this happens. Especially when your guy's pitch was about it being customizable. Terrible design!!!

  3. Props to Sony for including an M.2 expansion slot and making it extremely easy to actually install. That’s actually awesome, and they didn’t even try to make it intentionally hard so people who aren’t tech geeks, won’t ruin their console by poking around the motherboard.

  4. I have a question: my disc drive doesnt work anymore, is it critical for the overall ps5 performance? It makes a broken noise when starting up, but nothing if I play a digital game (obvious but still)

    So send it for repair or leave it be?(I own more digital games)

  5. Kinda makes you wonder. 🤔is there an executive somewhere that thinks a new twisted metal game on the PS4/PS5 platforms, in the view of a GTA game is a terrible idea?


  6. It’s like they designed it with repairability and the ability to easily disassemble in mind. The fact they had one of their engineers actually do it for you right down to the liquid metal cooling the dye is amazing.

  7. When ps5 starts, the console is blue, but in games it is white….change it now or leave it to the user….millions of users agree….we want it to be blue when we are playing games but white at startup….while playing games white light has no humor…ps4 we got fed up with this but it's still the same

  8. The board that's doing everything is probably 20% of whole ps5,by 2027 when 3nm process is cheap, ps6 will be a smaller board so probably half as heavy and at 8K gaming.

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  10. In an age of the peak of technology with PCs and with tech only getting better as time goes on. It's nice to see that yeah the PS5 might be a beast of a unit. But they made it so easy to access and take apart from what I see

    Finally thank you PS for doing this. The other weren't hard to take apart and service. But This take it to another level of easy by design and I respect that if anything.

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