People Are Awesome – Downhill Edition | Skateboarding & Mountain Biking

This week’s People are Awesome compilation theme is DOWNHILL! We’ve got some extreme downhill action including downhill skateboarding, mountain biking, BMX, drift trikes and even freeline skates.

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People are Awesome – American Sports Edition

People are Awesome – Best of the Week July 2016

Title: Priority One & TwoThirds – Hunted (feat. Jonny Rose)
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Original Videos:
0:00 Loaded Boards Sibling Rivalry

0:08 Longboarder Skates Down Winding Road
0:21 Coast Gravity Park – Remy Metailler

0:32 Fixed Gear Bike Tricks through Taipei City

0:38 Biker Rides Down Stairs

0:43 Longboarder Rides Downhill
0:49 Drift Trike On Mountain Road

0:54 Mountain Biking Glide Cam
0:58 Downhill MTB

1:05 Cyclists Ride Down Abandoned Bobsled Track
1:13 Chasing Hills Wheelie Downhill

1:22 Loaded Boards Sibling Rivalry

1:27 Biker Descends Italian Mountain

1:49 Daredevils Bike Down Italean Volcanoes

2:00 Downhill Freeling Skating

2:08 Mountain Biking Glide Cam
2:11 Wheelie around Budapest
2:22 Longboarder on Mountain Road

2:30 Loaded Boards Sibling Rivalry

2:42 Mountain Biking Downhill Follow

2:55 Skateboard downhill in Nueno, Spain
3:06 BMX Wheelie Down Huge Hill

3:11 Longboarder Cruises Down Winding Road
3:17 BMX Ride Down Rock Face

3:25 Skier Attachs Steep Slope at Full Speed

3:33 Mountain Biker Rides on Side of Building

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