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People Are Awesome 2015 is a videoclip for the song “Live” from my latest EP “Insight” comprised of video footage I shot on my most recent trip to Europe. This trip could not have been possible without Marie-Pier Otis and her website about travelling at
Most of the footage I shot got turned into 2 min. webisodes that you can watch for free at :

I know many will say that usually the name “people are awesome” is reserved for extreme sports but I ask why? I think the people I came across are just as awesome and are all artists in their own respective fields. If you have any additional information on the artists, feel free to let know and I will insert the links to their pages.

Carlos Vamos (guitarist) :
Iya Traore (soccer player) :

Sorry for not giving any news for a while but I embarked on a new adventure that has taken more time to adjust than I expected but it was all worth it, get ready for many new things coming from 18 around the world. 😉
P.S. No birds were harmed in the making of this video.

Lyrics :
Live, Live your own life

So I wake up this morning
Couldn’t shake off, what could have been
Something feels astray
In the flow of my everyday

Like a nightmare I cannot awake from
I am bound to this reality
Had I only battled conformity
I could’ve changed my perception

Cause every second that goes by
Is one less you’ll have to

Live, Live your own life
Live, Live your own life

So I wake up morrow morning
My bygone dreams, I am mourning
I have served my time
More than that, I cannot abide

I keep doubting myself this I know
I should have arose but there’s still tomorrow
No more excuses
I’ll make my own choices
Live your own life, live your own
Live your own

All theses years
I’ve been wasting
Trapped and downcast
I won’t take it anymore
My silent obedient consent
Isn’t for sale, it’s done for

Live your own life
Live your own life
Live your own life
How many lives will it take for you to
Live, (live your own life, live your own life, live your own life)
Live your, own life
Live your life (live your own)



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