1. Yuh tapping my feet to the beat

    Yuh this song finna be a treat,

    Dancing along

    No I don't wear a thong

    You see me prancing

    All the girls keep glancing

    The song aint that long

    Unlike my ding dong (whos there?)

    Yeah yall see me skating

    I know some of u hating

    But u guys just mad

    I just finished mating with ur dad(dad)

    Im in shreks swamp

    After my basketball comp

    And thats really pogchamp

    I slide my hand along the rail

    Like a slimy snail

    I look back at you

    Why u smell of poo(whoo)

    I just finished watching john wick 3

    Ur mom be saying i want ur d in me

    299 what a scam

    I wont pay that much ill just eat spam

    I break the rule

    Why u such a tool

    I pop outta bin

    Look at ur scaly shin

    U see me three sixty

    So this is it for our short song

    There would be a new one coming along(along)

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