LIKE A BOSS: Putin Makes One Student Girl a Very Happy Person

Russian President Vladimir Putin jokes with student girls.
Vladimir Putin took part in the unveiling ceremony for the monument to the Peacemaker tsar Alexander III. The monument has been erected in the Livadia Palace park. After the ceremony, the President had a brief conversation with the local residents and young people.
The monument is a gift from the Russian Artists’ Union. The author of the sculptural composition is sculptor Andrei Kovalchuk, head of the Artists’ Union, People’s Artist of Russia. The monument has been erected in the park of the Livadia Palace, where Emperor Alexander III liked to stay with his family. The four-metre-tall bronze monument was created at a plant in the Urals. Alexander III is presented as sitting on a tree stump, dressed in military uniform and resting on his sword, with a stele behind him topped with a double-headed eagle.
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  1. You know full well that that girl walked off thinking ” oh for fuck sake why did I open my bloody mouth, now I’ve got to write a poxy book”😂

  2. She did write the book! Her name is Polina Levchenko and her book is titled "Велик державный труд!" or for you Amerikan comrades, "Great is the sovereign's work!" or "Great is the work of the sovereign!".

  3. How can you not love Putin? Every video I see of him, he is either joking, helping a child, or kicking down doors of opportunity so his people can have their dreams come true. Putin loves his country, i wish i could say the same for our president and politicians. Even wild life salutes him, and pets stand for their National Anthem.

  4. I’ve been watching these videos for a while now and just think for a moment is there anywhere else in the world where the general public can find themselves having a one-to-one with their nation’s leader? No where is the answer except for Russia.

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