LIKE A BOSS COMPILATION #106 – Amazing People 2019

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  1. 8:02 BTS: it was just powder. Hard powder that shatters glass quite hard the powder itself vanishes into air.

    4:25R.I.P building

    5:53 me doing gym at home

    6:42 – he was never heard from or seen ever again

    6:47 – tryna showoff on front of your crush

    7:07 – after being fouled in basketball (idk what they call it NBA) and you just take that last shot

    0:52 – ran outta time to tickets for the concert so you play it live at home as if you were there

    1:22 – me not knowing how to fly a plane properly

    1:54 – Me doing mario kart in real life

    2:02 – me in jungle olympics

    2:09 – me and a friend celebratin halloween

    4:08 – me repairing my bike

  2. @0:53 plz people i beg you tell me whats soo good about this kick n jump thats taking the wirld over. My cats do a better one its so pathetic why do people even record this like its good?

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