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Best music only:
07:41 – 08:13 – Admit it –
09:19 – 09:51 – Deep ocean –
10:54 – 11:06 – SUNSHINE –
12:01 – 12:34 – Sweet dream –
02:57 – 03:14 – Comig Summer –
06:22 – 06:33 – RAVE ON –
Distant Dream –
Zero –
Banana Palm –
Banana Palm –

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  1. 8:53 this and the spinning coin stacking are SO FAKE. Look at the yellow ball that goes into the side pocket on the right-hand side of the screen. That defies Newton's third law of motion. not only would this have to be done on a special table with special slants in it, but those slants would have to not affect the balls that went in logical directions in the least. To specifically have only the orange balls go into a heart shape(with many of the speeding up after striking the rail, breaking the First law of Thermodynamics) is to plan ahead exactly where the balls go. It's hard enough to get a massae shot that makes one ball hit several walls and go in one hole, let alone to have a normal shot(on a break, no less, where the entire trajectories of every single ball depend not only on the quality of the rack but the quality of the felt on the table) make several balls break the laws of physics by speeding up after striking an object (that because of friction would remove some of the energy) as well as come to a stop in EXACTLY the right place without moving any other balls on the table. Is this a cool animation that's pretty realistic? Apart from the egregious violations of the laws of physics, yes. This person obviously knows how to edit many realistic videos. I mean, just look at the triple spinning coin stack. Try stacking three coins with a cup, let alone three spinning coins. Then, try to whirl around ONE spinning coin in a cup like he did and still have it spinning EXACTLY the same speed when it exits the cup. The reflections are very good with this video. However, it is thoroughly impossible to keep the center of mass of a spinning coin EXACTLY above the top of the coin below it. Do me a favor if you think I'm joking. Drop a quarter on the table 500 times. see how many of those times it not only starts spinning, but keeps spinning for the same rate(count the frames if you don't believe me) for roughly six seconds. Then, disregard the second and third coin, and simply grab the cup, scoop up the coin, and swirl it around for about six seconds. Slam the cup back on the table and toss it up because you are absolutely sure that a cup with that high rate of restitution would never bounce in such a way to either obstruct the view of the coin(that is most definitely still spinning) or knock it over. Once you have proven that both clips are possible, give me a call.

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