1. I love life is strange and excited to revisit this Remaster of both games! But I'm nervous about Remasters because they will sometimes change things especially copyright music

  2. Life is Strange spoke and moved me like no other game ever did, I was tremendously disappointed by Before the Storm and therefore skipped Life is Strange 2 entirely.

    Right now I decided to give Life is Strange: True Colors a chance and boy, I feel I'm in for a ride.

  3. I think, in remaster version, max losed her feature or something else. She do not like in original version. In this version i like her less than in original. I dont know why.

  4. Just make another game after max saved chloe they leave and they start new adventures in comics they could make new game instead of this🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Bro I purchased the life is strange true colors ultimate edition on Xbox not knowing that I gotta wait until feb 2022 to play this. I honestly didn’t know I was purchasing the REMASTERED EDITION, if I would’ve known that I wouldn’t have bought the ultimate I would’ve just bought the base game and bought the other regular two separately. I feel robbed 😭

  6. Needs more pre order costumes, themes and new avatars

    Seriously Square Enix, just ONE pre order costumes?

    You guys purposely pushed back the release date for this collection already

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