Kung Food – Trailer [Ultimate Film Trailers]

Kung Food (NR)
In Theatres November 19th, 2021 |© 2021 Level 33 Entertainment

Super Bao, an innocent and passionate steamed stuffed bun, dreams of becoming a great hero like his ancestor. In order to realize this dream, he must use his martial arts skill to battle the evil Pirate King and keep him from obtaining the powerful Five-Flavor Stone before he can use it to destroy the World of Foods.

Director: Sun Haipeng
Writers: Sun Haipeng, Lin Jinglei, Ma Hua, Billy Casper
Actors: Koula Kyriaki Glyptou, Grace Samson, Barry Samson, Chris Hover, Jeff Schectman
Genre: Family, Comedy, Action and Adventure
Run Time: 1 hour 28 minutes

Official Website: http://level33entertainment.com/


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