1. Insulting a copโ€™s sister isnโ€™t cool no matter what kind of stupidity comes out of their mouth. Stick to facts and constitutionally protected activities. Cops do tend to inspire that, but then theyโ€™re winning when you shtoop to vulgar insults.

  2. This is where Auditors look stupid… I don't have to do this you can't make me do this don't text me on and on and on. For today do exactly what the cop tells them to do. You may be bitching and moaning and running his mouth of course he doing it from the other side of the street just exactly where it was told to go. You can call the cops all the names you want for your little b** to do what he was told.

  3. IMO> Before the camera's we heard others say cop LIED. Now with so many filming them we see on almost all videos that's all they do! Cops should be demoted down to the point of loosing their jobs, for public safety!

  4. #1 The officer did not identify. You should stop until the officer identifies himself. At night you should carry a flashlight when they shine it in your face you return the favor. All cops lie.

  5. Well don't you find it funny that if they call you a quote on quote gang member you get an enhancement on whatever charge you have no matter what if you're in a motorcycle club they call you a motorcycle gang and if to give you an enhancement so we call you a legalized street gang why are you not charged at a higher level why do you not getting enhancement you're supposed to resist represent the law you supposed to be a representative of said law if you don't know sit lot that's not my f**** fault you need to be held accountable why is it when I go to the judge the judge will tell me ignorance of the law is no excuse but yet he gives you a free f**** pass on being ignorant you get Immunity on being ignorant you have to commit some heinous crap you have to be pissed off your police Union your police Federation and your stupid visors to be charged otherwise you will never be charged how many times has a cop killed somebody I seen one little baby face dickbag who's killed six people and less than he hasn't even been on the force for 6 years no charges promotion unbelievable in fact I believe I should have a choice where my taxes go I believe there should be an app on my phone just like I believe there should be an app on my phone to tell me if there's a dirty douchebag cop so as he's running anointing his directives I can hold on my phone and be like hey babe did you sexually assaulted individual did you steal said property did you do you know

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