Here are some amazing moments mainly in sports that show how some people’s skills are on another level!

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football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more!

In this video we commentate/report about some amazing moments that happened with a main focus in sports, we also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining!

Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over!

Song in the video:
Song name: FortyThr33 – Bay Breeze
1 HOUR (No Copyright Tropical House Music)



Music by Peyruis :

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  1. I have caught nearly all the things that I dropped for a long time now.
    I'll feel it slipping or notice that I nudge something over. And I either catch it with my hands or I make sure to let it drop on my foot if I know I won't be fast enough. Haven't had anything break in years.

  2. 1:20 🤣🤣 mate, that's wasn't real, it was those pranks tv shows and they where using a remote control fake alligator, but I'm not gonna lie tho, that guy really jump to save his friend, at least the guy's intention was real.

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