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monky with sweater



  1. I need someone to redo the graphics of Monkey and release it as a playable version for…
    daydreams about having a monkey fashion show
    … research purposes

  2. I'm one of those unfortunate people who didn't get the puppy they wanted when they were five (but then I got baby siblings and discovered it's pretty much the same thing) not the point.

    I've tried the game (ipet) ps3 and fell in love with the little creature. Idk if that counts as an old game, but I'd really like to see your review on that game someday…
    If u want ofc

  3. Speaking of pet games have you heard of pixel petz? It a game where you can make you're own dog or cat then you can feed it or play with it and after you make you're first pet you're now allowed to make hamsters and it also allows you to buy other people's pets, sell ur pets, watch an ad for 100 coinz, 1 gem or 10 ads for golden token and you can even go outside and fish! I think that's all

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