I Gave @Chuck Starr bestie the D💦💦💦 Responding to @Alijay Vevo

Her video – https://youtu.be/zQ4FRIkt-qg



  1. To the way how me see it unugh a big people who a act like u guys are children what the hell is wrong with unugh YouTubers why unugh have to put everything on social media

  2. I pray u will see my comment. Arjay plz take my advice listen to me mi nah ask nobody u a star bu take my advice a nuff a dem youtuber a come talk bout u a gal clown if u rate a girl a certain way how dat make u a clown. Listen to me low out the bag a back a forth arguement it a damage u image whey u build. No mek nobody push u inna badness it dont pay. U no know say a grudge nuff a dem grudge dat y dem a try. Mek u frustrated dont say another word to dem n keep calm. N my advice anybody whey u take fi friend n dem no defend dem was never u friend. Build Gena n keep a kool head u can do this. U no have no best friend no mek nobody tek u fi fool. U r well rated. My youth some ppl will make u loose u life u r a promising star trust mi where am from everybody rate u. Bad mind real stop the whole heap a chatting wid dem it no worth it n just do u n keep going.

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