How to replace Xbox One analog stick (drifting)

Drifting analog sticks is a very common problem found in most Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller. The best way to fix it is to replace the defective analog sticks.

Please note that disassembling your controller will void its warranty.



  1. My stick isn’t drifting, it’s just loose. Can just replacing the analog stick part of it tighten the fit again? For example, if you pull up on both sticks, one is tight, and the other has play in it and moves up and down very easily.

  2. It's easier to just clean the sensor. Snap off the green piece that corresponds to the direction and stick you need to fix, pull out the little metal sensor piece, clean it carefully with rubbing alcohol and a qtip, and replace it. No soldering required. Just fixed 2 controllers using another video for instructions.

  3. its funny though that the hardest part of the job, which is taking the original joy is not shownin the video, cause u have to force the board the get that sucker out….

  4. i replaced the left joy 3 times with new joystick, and its still drifting left -down a bit, how can i calibrate it? or 3 new joystick has exactl the same issue? or its a control board issue?

  5. So I ordered battle beaver increased tension sticks for my controller….on the page to buy them it mentions possibly needing software to set offsets in the controller is that true?

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