How To Mine RAPTOREUM | LIKE A BOSS!!!! WIN 10 Edition

How To Mine Raptoreum
In this video I show you how to mine Raptoreum with your CPU in Windows 10.

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  1. Rabid thanks and no thanks to you. My wife might kill me. Got raptereum mining on my 5 gaming computers. Heck thx to your shopping list, black Friday sales, picked up a amd ryzen 8 3900. Based on your recommendations. Then I got my buddy to print me out a few of those mother board risers. I got my first days pay out. Combine this with gpu mining to diversify myself, omg, what have I gotten myself into. Love your content, the jokes and everything in between. Either way it's a very fun journey and a very fun learning experience. The oc and undervolt settings totally makes sense and Thanks for replying to that. I love the weekly profits and rig roi and farm roi, it's like compound interest, keep buying a few more cpu and gpus, and if this all fails at the end, I'll have a wicked youtube editing machine with lots of back up parts. Stay safe my friend and awesome content

  2. Hey Rabid – followed your tutorial and had some troubles figuring some things out – but it looks like i am hashing now – but dont actually know if i am doing it properly – 1. my binaries folder doesnt quite look like yours so i needed to check out another tutorial to get the miner started 2. that tutorial took me to the .bat file a folder up to config – obviously i am a newb to CPU mining so would love some clarification – i think i heard in one of your videos that your in Calgary, Alberta (i am too) maybe we can set up a meet to touch base an all this.

  3. How did you find out which mining setup file is for you specific CPU? I was thinking of going with some off the wall CPUs and would like to troubleshoot any problems before they happen in my ground up builds.

  4. Acually with a Ryzen 5900 you do 13coins a day ~0.78$ – 0.28$ energy =0.5$

    Kill the Earth for 50ct a day

    But think about what you gain this winter, you'll pay next summer for Air Conditioning

  5. To be fair, I kinda had to figure out how it is with the new software, it automatically detects and you set your configurations in the config.json.
    Thank you anyways. Will await my coins…

  6. Hey Rabid,
    Love your channel and your info. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for my setup: Windows 10, MSI TRX40 Pro mb, AMD 3990x (64 core; 256mb L3 cache) with AIO; 256gb RAM G.Skill Trident. I have had to set two workers up and define my threads at 4000 each so that 76% of my CPU cores are used allowing for background functions and the OS. I am considering purchasing the Windows 10 Pro for Workstations but am not certain if this will actually improve my hashrate which is currently averaging about 8,000 h/s total both workers. I feel like that should be double and am not certain where the bottleneck is. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have looked around but don't see anyone talking about the 3990x. Thanks for your videos – they really are helpful.

  7. I have it running and it seems to be fine but every time I put my password in or try to change to 9000 I get "password not match" I am 100% sure it is correct. Any idea what is happening?

  8. Hi Rabid. Followed your video step by step and I feel I'm getting low hash rate. I have Ryzen 9 5900x Asus x570 gaming f with 32gb 3600mhz ram. The hashrate I'm getting is 2.39kh/s. Could you do a video on bios settings please

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