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In today’s edition of the Inside Blockchain, we are discussing the hottest topic of the year, “NFTs”. At the end of the video, you will understand how to leverage this emerging technology to create value, real-life use cases and make massive profits as well.

Joining us on the show are Oluseyi Akindeinde (CTO Digital Encode), Jahdiel Chidi (Community Lead, Blockchain League), and Tunde Fatai (Country Manager, RedSwan CRE).

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0:00 Intro
01:58 NFTs | Non-Fungible Tokens
02:10 Oluseyi – “People buy NFTs for sentimental reasons”
06:17 What is Non-Fungibility ?
06:44 Jahdiel – “NFTs are unique digital files built on the blockchain”
08:36 Tunde – “NFTs have value due to its uniqueness”
10:22 Why are people investing massively into NFTs?
12:50 Jahdiel – “Get the knowledge before investing in NFTs”
14:03 Jahdiel – “Ensure to join an online NFT community on Discord”
15:21 Leveraging on NFTs to make money
17:24 Are NFTs subject to Sentiment or Exclusivity?
20:22 Tunde – “Cloud Computing can ensure the security of NFTs”
22:27 Jahdiel – “NFTs have smart contracts embedded in them”
24:40 Jahdiel – “NFTs & The Metaverse are inseparable”
27:50 Jahdiel – “Join online NFT spaces & communities to learn more”
29:17 Tunde – “NFTs can play a vital role in Land Registry & Real Estate”
30:52 Closing
31:35 Outro

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  1. NFTs are really redefining the art and aesthetics space. Coupled with the surreal profits some of these NFTs are being sold for! Its practically easy to be a millionaire overnight!

  2. What people don’t understand yet is, NFTs are the real financial revolution that will change economy forever. Receipts, tickets, certificates, domain names, trademark, etc will all become NFTs in the near future. Uniqueness and utilizing little resources will be the driving force

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