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Tantrums got you down? Whether it’s in the privacy of your own home or in the middle of a restaurant, dealing with tantrums can be daaaang tricky. You know the feeling – you sense it coming on, your blood pressure starts creeping up, and before you know it you’ve got a screaming, flailing toddler on your hands…

Yeah. Super fun.

But there is an easier way!

If you’re ready to say “I’ve got this!” when faced with your next tantrum, this video is for you!

I’m covering everything from:

• How to avoid those tantrums in the first place
• What to do when you can sense it coming on
• What to do when they’ve REALLY lost it
• What to do once the dust has settled

Tantrums A-Z, if you will. 😉

Ready to say sayonara to those atomic meltdowns?

(I know, silly question, right?!)

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  1. This sounds all good but do we do when it’s a toddler that does understand the concept of time for instance (later, after supper, 2 or 3 minutes, etc)? An older toddler may be ok with this approach but my 2 1/2 just knows “right now” ugh

  2. My God… This sounds like you really have to be in a great emotional situation in life to talk & handle your children like this. 😂 I'm gonna try, but my God. The absolute patients this has to take. 😲 Maybe If I didn't have such a sh*ty husband, this could be more practical.

  3. Well is easy to say theoretically but practically looks so much different my 2 years old when she is having tantrums she's not listening at all her brain is switched off for than few minutes and what ever I would say or do is Not worrking unfortunately 😐 😕 😔

  4. How old are the children that you could talk to about giving them ''some privacy''?
    Sorry, but in my case the toddler does not know the meaning of such words, and they could just read my tone or general expressions, if they would even acknowledge my words or presence at all.

  5. Dude I literally just tried this on my kid and it worked a treat. He has some behaviour issues that are hard to deal with sometimes but the I know its fun but we can do it later really works well for him 😁 thank you, you're awesome!

  6. Wow I so appreciate this . This is my first video I chose to open as I have a 14 month little baby boy and wow I needed this . I can’t wait to watch it over and over again ! Thank you for helping Kelly !

  7. Whatsoever of all those tips I have been trying …. she ALWAYS end up way much smarter and answers it ALL with a big NO or simply says:" I want none of your options , I want to do THIS instead " .
    Then ??!!!
    My kid is just 4 now btw and she's been alert towards this since she was 2

  8. These don't work. Giving child options they say neither and just start screaming.

    Yes you can have a cookie after dinner… Turns into whining but I want it now.

  9. i wish it worked that way for my sis she threatens to kill herself to get her way is very entitled thinks she should have everything and if she doesn't get what she wants tantrum for hours! my life is hard

  10. Early Childhood Educator tip: Do NOT ask instead of tell. Especially with young children, use direct simple directions and eliminate unnecessary phrases like "can you". You can keep it polite by including "please" but don't turn a command into a question. Questions are for choices and if your command is not optional, you shouldn't phrase it as such. Moreover, action phrases are more appropriate for a young child's language comprehension. "Pass cup, please."

  11. Remember when you ask instead of command, you are giving the child a choice. You have to accept it, then, if the child decides not to do as you ask. If you only want one response, you have to say so. Toddlers are very literal. Also, tantrums are not about power. They're about an immature nervous system and early language development. The child can't clearly articulate what she wants or why, and isn't able to understand and regulate her feelings about not getting it. If you think it's about power, you're setting yourself up as your child's adversary rather than his teacher and comforter.

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  15. Okay it sounds sweet but what do you when your 2 year old is rolling around on the ground refusing to get up and walk with you then pretends to be a bag of sand when you try to get them off the ground, screaming and kicking.

  16. Save yourself the trouble and say no this ain't burger king they can't always have it their way keep it realistic you can't say yes all the time that's spoiling them they'll understand and appreciate you in the long run

  17. These all sound like absolutely amazing tactics, but my issue with the 'ask dont tell' tactic is that if I ask my 2.5 year old daughter to do something, she will just tell me no, so how do I then get her to do whatever I need her to do without telling her to do it? 🤔
    Also, the 'Saying Yes to almost everything', if I say 'Yes you can have a biscuit after breakfast', she would then start to tantrum because she wants that biscuit now. How can I tell her 'No, you can't have a biscuit before breakfast' without saying 'no, you can't'? And should she really get the biscuit after throwing a tantrum?!
    Uhhh parenting is so confusing 😩😅

  18. Where have you beeennnn all of my parenting haha 😭💕 Thank you, this is great! My little has developed language skills slightly more delayed than others, and I forget sometimes that hes struggling to communicate just as much as I'm struggling to understand/handle things. Great reminders. BE KIND TO THE TINY HUMANS! Thanks for this 🙂

  19. When you ask a child a question. Be prepared for them to say no. I also use “I need you to get your shoes on.” Just an alternative suggestion. Especially with children with special needs. But some great suggestions!

  20. My mum used to" eye" this method is long and complicated. Plus the look total works on babies younger then toddlers, you'd see the little crawling things asking for permission before committing an offense they've been warned not to do. It's cool to see communication from little humans that can't talk

  21. This is exactly the way I communicate with children. Profession: nanny/gouverness. The boundaries of two choices was the tip. I am going to take from this; I will stop the five choices now.

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