How to Edit Youtube Videos Like a BOSS

I have been editing video for years and was self taught from the start, initially using windows movie maker for my first ever video. 13 years on I thought I would share some tips on how to edit your videos for YouTube Like a BOSS.

00:42 – Recording a Viral Sample Video
02:19 – Organise
03:00 – Import
03:27 – Sequence and Flow
06:56 – Balance Audio
07:59 – B-Roll
08:57 – Effects and Text
11:34 – Music
12:30 – Sound Design
13:23 – Colour Correct and Grade



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  3. An alternative to manual volume adjustment is to use a limiter BUT it can sound unnatural. Even in music studios, volume is typically managed manually, similarly to how you approach it, maybe a bit more automation, but the premise is the same.

  4. You should set up a social media management company …. now with this new way of living…. I have noticed that so many businesses don't have social media profiles…. with your experience you could do it bro …. start pitching to businesses / actors / musicians etc charge a decent fee also you could literally run their social media platforms for them.

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