How to bargain like a boss ⎜Super Sindhi

got lottss to learn

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  2. Whole bargaining scene is very relatable to me and my mom. I feel proud for even discount of 50🀣 and when I bring it home I always realise that I bought it at higher price 😭

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  4. 🀣🀣🀣 shopkeepers in Pakistan bargain using the same lines
    U r the first customer
    My own margin is low
    Look at the quality, I am selling better quality products
    I have already told u reduced prices
    I am reducing price only for you…..

  5. I don’t like that people bargain like the price is 20000 and they will say 2000 I don’t like the man will suffer from his salary
    Pls don’t bargain if bargain bargain 2000 rupees

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