Hecklers get handled LIKE A BOSS!

Welcome back to my channel San Joaquin Junior. On this channel we discuss Police accountability and knowledge of your constitutional rights. Today’s video is from the channel Jay surreal camera. In the video Jay, who is joined by Chuck Bronson, is out driving when he sees some cherries and berries. They pull over to check out what’s going on and realize there was an accident involving a motorcycle. Everything seems ok, and Jay and chuck are even able to get some incident reports from the police on scene. What happens after that is pretty crazy. But enough of me talking, here is the video.

@Jays Surreal Camera


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  1. Lol why would he jus hand the incident number over to a random camera man without u asking ? Yall clearly know eachother.. act for the camera? Good officer? Borderline bootlicking? Who knows

  2. I like how the woman got mad and started walking over to confront them, except, she sort of took a non-direct route that put her just in arm's length away from the guy so he could "hold her back".

  3. ✨Another parting thought is that continuous growing millions upon millions of Great Americans from every walk of life. From Great American hometown salt of the earth farmers. To the highest levels of Power agrees with the safety these Patriots are trying to bring. Standing up against incredibly criminal cops, in favor of Professional law enforcement officers.✨ 🏴‍☠️☠️🏴‍☠️✨NOT ONE genuine Freedom Loving American man, woman, and child. Agrees with the vile behavior of the ignorant unjustifiable self-centered arrogance of these people who quite apparently don't have Freedom Loving American Souls!✨🏴‍☠️☠️🏴‍☠️✨

  4. ✨ The people who thought they had safety in numbers. As well as being dressed head to toe in filthy rags. Were laboring under the exceedingly idiotic false impression. That they could bark ridiculous orders and the independent investigative journalists would tuck their tails and go. They might be able to intimidate the very old ladies alone in a empty park. That they extort, or mug them for their "Crack"or other drug habit. But all the loses here did. Was totally disgrace the sad fellow, in the crash. That if these are his relatives and friends. That he must be a real lowlife piece of garbage. As well as that, NO matter his being a great guy or not, he's certainly better off dead. The guy in the crash, has my condolences. Because, no matter what, he is absolutely 100% better off. Making some seriously considered life choices that erase them from it. In favor of some TRULY GREAT friends, and new family he makes without them. Like these investigative journalists who risk everything. Trying to make America's sons and daughters safe from criminal cops. In favor of Professional law enforcement officers American men, women, and children can be proud of.✨

  5. I love the pack of sheeple acting all tough sucking on a cigarette crying about your filming me. This is why educating them like these gentlemen do is needed

  6. Yeah I don't think Jay would be the one to ffck with, I could see him whooping the 💩out of that punk! 🤨😳😬🥴🤕☝👊🏽💥✌🤛🏽💥🤜🏾💥💤🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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