Gojo vs Sukuna | JUJUTSU KAISEN

Ep 2: Gojo tries fighting Sukuna! Watch JUJUTSU KAISEN on Crunchyroll! https://got.cr/Watch-JJK2

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  1. To me what makes Gojo and Sukuna stand out from other characters in JJK isnt just their charisma. Its not just their innate strength either.
    Its their INSANE level of confidence, when fighting a legit strong opponent.
    Sukuna basically just got yeeted since he had only one finger consumed, and isn't much powerful. Yet he just scoffed out how sorcerors are annoying to him in every era and retaliated even when knowing this guy was strong after throwing a few punches. I suppose it could be because of how arrogant he always is but still.

  2. 0:15 he clapped, then TP’d. You think this is a variation of Todo’s technique cause only he TP’d and not him and Sukuna. Or is he just that fast and didn’t TP? But, if that’s the case why focus on his hands clapping?

  3. 0:29 i just realised that gojo is not fast but because of the infinity sukuna gets slower the closer he is to gojo. so my question is would gojo be able to keep up with sukuna if he wouldnt be able to do this infinity thing

  4. Sukuna full power will destroy Gojo probably. After all it's itadori that equals Sukuna not Gojo. Unless the author outright states Gojo beats Sukuna at full power then I don't see Gojo winning. He's an absolute beast of course but sukuna nearly won against a time we're the average sorcoer level was probably Nanami or a little higher. And sealing was the best they could do.

  5. l am impressed with Sukuna's calmness considering the fact that Gojo sat on him … SITTED on the series' main antagonist while giving a monologue about snacks. disrespect and troll level master, Gojou deserves his own series😂

  6. if i there was a universe where the strongest anime fighters were put into a ring and fight for glory i think Goku, Saitima, and Gojo would be the last three competitors…maby.

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