G2A Pays Dev For Stolen Keys – Inside Gaming Roundup

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It’s the weekend roundup! Today we’re talking about how G2A made (sort of) good on their promise to pay back devs for stolen keys, Doom Eternal removing Denuvo, Stadia still absolutely sucking butt, and MORE!

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[Games Industry dot biz] Developers call for players to pirate their games rather than buy from G2A https://bit.ly/2XjSHXH
[G2A] KEEPING OUR PROMISE – UPDATE – 05/20/2020 https://bit.ly/3bSzYry
[Games Industry dot biz] G2A and Wube Software settle $40,000 chargeback dispute https://bit.ly/3giigRM
[Polygon] G2A pays Factorio developer $39,600 over illegally obtained game keys https://bit.ly/2LN72Xc
[Reddit] Latest Information on Update 1 & Anti-Cheat https://bit.ly/2XoR1fB
[Ars Technica] Doom Eternal reverses course, will remove kernel-level Denuvo anti-cheat https://bit.ly/3cWhS9k
[TheVerge] GOOGLE STADIA IS A LONELY PLACE https://bit.ly/2ANCfqV
[Ars Technica] Google Stadia’s latest free game only has a few thousand total players https://bit.ly/3eb4NsV



  1. IMO G2A probably lied and all 300-something keys were actually from G2A. i'd believe it more had it been checked by a 3rd-party, independent and unassociated auditor

  2. Hahaha I was looking us the price for Diable 3 since my boss plays it and G2A was the first to come up, and I remembered them from you guys and wanted to check if I remembered right.

    Aaaaand now I'm here! How's your day? Are you doing great?

  3. I love how IG’s “reporting” is just finding articles on reddit that could be read in less than 5 minutes and making a 15 minute video out of it. Gotta make that cash I guess.

  4. I don't get why Inside Gaming hates on Stadia so much. I never had any problems with it, I regularly play Assassin's Creed Odyssey, game looks amazing, never had ANY type of issues. Played a bit of PUBG, there were abunch of people there, it's just not my type of game, also not very into Destiny… But it's also free, so I played a little bit, also see people around. Go check Stadia Reddit, tons of people saying how surprised they were about how well Stadia works. So many people saying they thought it sucked because of all the bad press, but they didn't have any problems…. Also… who plays thumper… anywhere?

  5. I never buy on G2A or similiar shit, always only on steam, gog, uplay etc.
    If devs dont have penny from copy you buy from g2a then its like you pirated it…and in the same time you payed for pirated-like shit, YOU ARE the biggest sucker in this 😀

  6. That's what I get for trying to buy mk9 from g2a that wants to use my steam acct info to make sure I cant access a product key that they fraggn sold to me. Not worth trusting them over 5 bucks

  7. Remember just because G2A does something nice doesn’t mean shit for there garbage ass company. Remember even Gus Fring owner of Los Pollos Hermanos did many charities and other good deeds lol

  8. Xenoblade chronicles 1 remake?!?!

    That'd be cool to play on a switch.


    Anyone know a store to get one or get one ordered during quarantine? Also at a price which isnt increased by bots? Or am I outta luck?

  9. I always buy AAA games through G2A, I live for the hope EA gets a chargeback because of me.
    G2A has a point in so far as the keys will always be sold whether that's on G2A or not, it's up to us to buy directly from independent studios to protect them from fraud.

  10. Doom Eternal wasn't review-bombed, an update did something shitty and the reviews legitimately reflected that. Review-bombing would be if one of the devs said something political and everyone who was upset gave negative reviews for something unrelated to the game. We collectively came up with a term for a specific phenomena, and now are just using it for whatever. What's the point of words?

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