Finding the BEST Rocket League player in the WORLD (who is it?)

We created a committee of respected analysts, coaches, and statisticians to help us find the best Rocket League player in the world right now. Find out the top 20 players in 2021!

Huge thank you to our contributors:
Gregan, Lawler, Johnnyboi, Satthew, Lukasz, Finnerdt

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  1. Yo sunlesskhan I know you probably not gonna see this but I know a twitch stream that goes by the name troovy who sounds like you maybe y’all could do a fake sunlesskhan trolls pros?

  2. NA analysts wouldn’t get it because NA play style is so different to EU play style, its is all about instant pressure on the ball, marc_by_8 is so vital to BDS, kinda disrespectful that he’s not a little higher.

    Also squishy deserves to be higher, defensively and mechanically better than most players on this list.

  3. remember when sunless would trash plats, and so i grinded from plat to champ 1 so sunless wouldn't trash me anymore but then now he says "ball chasing in champ 1"… me neither

  4. firstkiller 3? legit carried rogue to 3 finals last year and won 2 of them, not saying MM or jstn are bad, just FK is better because his teammates are no where near as good as MMs or jstns (all of their teammates were top 15 for jstn and top 7 for mm) MM and JSTN have better talent around them which makes them look better when FK is the best in the world with worse teammates

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