Filthiest Curveball in the World??!! #shorts

Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Orix Buffaloes/Team Japan Olympics) with his unique Curveball grip. Such a pretty pitch!

Some analysts think he could be the next Yu Darvish, Masahiro Tanaka or Shohei Ohtani if he comes to the US to play baseball.




  1. Other than his thumb being smack on the center of the ball and in the rear, there's really nothing different in his grip… it's the release that's so much unique. As the pitching ninja says "almost like a yoyo" I noticed one other guy said the same thing so I'm just adding to that. The real difference is his backhand release he's leading with the back of his hand so it's facing home plate. The thumb is different though in comparison to your more traditional grip which feels awkward as hell for me it's going to take some serious practice that's for sure. There's also a bit of a flick with the thumb involved it looks like he's snapping it out of his hand… I've always tried to envision this sort of pitch where you fling it 12 to 6 but I was using three or four fingers and I usually spike the ball about 6 ft in front of me straight into the ground which I got to admit is absolutely hilarious these guys perfected a hell of a pitch get out there and try it I know I did and I appreciate the skill of these athletes so much more not to mention my shoulder and elbow can only handle about 15 of these kind of pictures before Im noodle-armed

  2. That is how I was taught to throw the curveball when I was a kid. But it was never that beautiful. My coach may have played in Japan. He did play pro overseas in the 80’s

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