1. If you folded a piece of paper 42 times it will reach the moon."
    Hm, let's say, we had a piece of paper, that was 0.001 centimeters tall. Fold it once, now it's 0.002 centimeters. And fold it again, now it's 0.004 cm. If you fold it ten times, it will be just a centimeter short (1.024 cm), because 0.001×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2=1.024

    If you fold the paper 20 times, it will be 10 meters, or 32 feet tall (1048.576 cm).

    30 folds will get the paper over 6.5 miles tall, which is thirteen times taller than the tallest building in the world, and more than a mile taller than mount Everest.
    (1073741.824 cm)
    40 folds will get us out into space, even past the exosphere, at 6,800 miles.
    (1099511627.776 cm)
    45 folds get you to the moon, and 55 folds get you to the sun.

  2. "And if you fold it 103 times it will be as thick as the universe"

    All of the multiverse: "what if you fold a paper 8 billion times to be as thick as me?"

    (A one multiverse needs a quintillion milky ways to just be filled)

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