Encanto 2 – Mirabel's Gift – 2022 Disney Movie Trailer (Parody)

Mirabel returns in this new parody trailer for Disney’s Encanto 2! Mirabel never received her gift from the Casita. Until now. The door was glowing, Mirabel reached out… and her whole life changed! Delores, Luisa and her perfect sister Isabela are in for a wild ride!

Encanto was released by Disney (not Pixar) on Disney plus and in cinemas this year. It tells the story of Mirabel (a teenage girl) who lives in a magical house in Colombia. It’s a story about family, using cutting edge animation and amazing musical numbers including “The Family Madrigal”, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and “Surface Pressure”. It’s a spiritual successor to the Disney film Moana.

This is a parody trailer (sometimes called a concept trailer). It’s created for entertainment and fun only. It’s.. not real. This video was created by combining scenes from Encanto with other Disney/Pixar movies. It’s transformative in nature, taking existing material and creating a new narrative. Through the use of voiceovers, special effects, juxtaposition, sound design and editing a brand new concept is created.

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