DIY Pop It Fidgets! How to Make Viral TikTok Fidget Toys

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This video is a collection of DIY pop it and fidget toys, including how to make the peach phone case that went viral on my TikTok account. Pop its seem to have become the new fidget spinners and I literally see them everywhere! Paper popits remind me a lot of paper squishies and I love how you can make virtually anything just with a few basic supplies. The other two projects are DIY squishies featuring two different methods of making molds. The hanami dango mochis from Bokksu were perfect as a fidget toy. I’ve been watching japanese vlogs and video walks every day for the past year so it was such a lovely experience to have a box of authentic snacks from Japan delivered to my door.
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♥ My Favourite Japanese Vlog/Videowalk channels ♥
Rambalac –
These are incredibly immersive video walks without any cuts or sound editing. You literally feel you are there yourself and I love all the urban walks around Tokyo. If you like vapourwave and lofi then the sunset walks are pure aesthetic.

Nami’s Life –
Really cosy and peaceful vlogs of living alone in Tokyo. Japan has been in lockdown recently as well so it’s nice seeing all the things that can be enjoyed indoors like cooking, self care or crafting. These vlogs really make me crave japanese snacks so the Bokksu box was perfect for this!

Anna Film Productions –
This channel has beautiful high-quality, atmospheric video walks of rural Japan. It’s a lot of countryside and historical villages and many have an eerie, deserted atmosphere. Major Studio Ghibli and cottagecore vibes.

Kuga’s Travel –
Vlogs featuring train and boat travel in Japan. The first person perspective without added music feels like you’re experiencing it yourself. Videos have a pleasantly sleepy and nostalgic vibe, the same energy as dead mall vlogs if you like those too!

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