DIY- How to Diagnose a No Start LIKE A BOSS!!!!

DIY mechanic diagnosing and repairing a car that won’t start using only basic tools.

Also helpful-

FASTTEC diagnosis tutorial:

My understanding relays video




  1. Ima having a issue with no crank on my 2004 Porsche Cayenne only the lights come on no click or crank … mechanic said he tested the starter and it’s good and also I keep replacing the battery because I do know there’s a short but can’t find where … so I was driving after I jumped it and went to the mall but when I came out no start no nothing only light even if it’s on a jumper box or another car …I just keep seeing videos saying it could be a simple relay starter fuse …please help me !!!!!!!

  2. Good dam Mechanic when the hell do you find a mechanic that will fix your car for free and especially tell you hey I’ll pick you up if you don’t have a ride wish he was down here in Miami keep up the good work

  3. So I changed the fuel pump about 5 weeks ago, and a few days ago out of nowhere, while running it just stalled. Tried starting and nothing. I saw ur vid, and i thought i may b bought a faulty fuel pump. Pulled it home today, it's 1997 ford e350 commercial box truck btw, and I checked the 30 amp fuse, and sure enough it was it. $6 and 20 minutes to and from AutoZone and it is running. Thanks man. I didn't even think to check the fuse until I saw ur vid.

  4. I have something similar with my 2002 tahoe flex fuel. I replaced the pump for low fuel pressure and it ran fine for about a month. Now it womt start I get fuel to the rail but won't start only with stating fluid. Also replace the fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator. I am lost

  5. My good man you are very knowledgeable and good hearted, hoping you can help me. Bought an old truck for my son 2 days ago, 94 F-250 V8. Started and ran good about 3 times at the guys house, drove good, tested about 10 miles or so. We drove it home about 40 miles or so, she did fine, my son was happy. Next day wouldn't start, no click but stuff came on dash. Changed to a known good battery, same result. Grabbed a screwdriver and jumped solenoid with key on, started right up. Replaced the solenoid today, same thing, can jump it still, but same no start issue. Any clues or ideas on where to look next? We really can't afford to sink a bunch of moola into it, thank you kind sir.

  6. You just got yourself another subscriber brother. I'm in my journey of starting a repair and customization shop. I really like how you looked out for the customer with LABOR at NO CHARGE! AWESOME! Your channel is, from what I just saw, the perfect way to learn how to not only work on cars, but how to run my shop and how to treat my customers. Thanks for the great show✌🏾

  7. Not a bad guy at all! It is so hard to find mechanics that perform diagnosis like this. Sadly most just throw parts at it at the customer's expense. Wish I could find a knowledgeable AND honest mechanic like him.

  8. hey, you look a lot like me… we are related or something (we aren't)……weird!
    i hate video with lots of unnecessary talk….. you are the rare youtuber that doesn't do that! awesome!

  9. Now you're what I call a customer friendly mechanic rather than a rip you off mechanic. I'd donate some money to you just for your time if I were the guy that owned the vehicle. Too bad there aren't more of your type around.

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